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Hi ,
I am close to give back CSS and back to Tables. First of all, I am a
new when it comes to CSS. Previously, I have my own website design with tables, and one of good things about tables was -- I could "click on my menu link" like "Photo Gallery" and display the contents in my table id:MainBody, maintaining the table:header, menu and footer fix ( without changes or downloading them again). So far, I have not found the way to do this with CSS. Every time, I click in any menu link, it will be freshing the whole page again, insted of refreshing the main body where I will display the photos
with the help of php + mysql database. I am considering to combine both CSS and tables together to obtain the result, I want.

May you please give any idea or direction where to look at, how to do the same job as with tables.

Thanks in advance.