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Hi ..
i've got a strange rtl related problem which affects all browsers but ie6-win.. for a change

I've got a container div which contains my layout.
for some pages the content div has got a lot of absolute positioned elements. the total width of these elements can be bigger than the screen size so the container needs javascript resizing for my background to stretch.. horizontal scrollbar is created. no problems up until now. seems to be working great in all browsers.

but just as soon as i set direction:rtl to the divs or body, the body does not show the hscrollbar leaving some parts of the data left outside my screen... unable to scroll to see the whole page.
when i try to add a scrollbar manually it acts as if the content is not as wide as it should be.
This problem occurs in all browsers but explorer in which the scrollbar is properly created and everything works perfectly.

the container div seems properly resized, but the parts left outside of the screen are unreachable.. can't even reach it by selecting and dragging...

The site is not published yet so i cannot post an url
which doesn't make it any easier Smile