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Hi There,

Feedback greatly appreciated on my latest CSS/XHTHML creation:


Usability, errors, layout and design, all comment good and bad please.


Tom L
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Alienfeet, really like the

Alienfeet, really like the look of this Smile Drop-down menus work a treat for me

A fews of things that I might consider changing:

1) When I change the size of the text, a lot of it breaks. Try getting rid of height in your css (certainly on the nav) and see how it looks.

2) the links in the bottom right - the rollovers took a while to load for me. Perhaps make them one image (per link) and use background and pixel placement on rollover? Then it's all one image and will load quicker?

3) the rollover colour of the footer links are white and I can barely see them on my laptop.

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Nice site

I really like the clean design and the header graphics. Nice job.
The only that looks odd to me is the footer info, It looks like its takeing up too mush space visually.

Hope this helps

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nice site #2!

Hi Alienfeet,

It is a nice site - very polished looking and I really like your header/banners. I looked at the .css and just at first glance, I have read that you would save a bit of bandwidth and ease your own debug efforts utilizing css shortcuts (e.g. border: 1px solid #000;). The specified hex colors for most of the colors of the site could also be short form too: #ccc vs. #cccccc. It looks like you're using dreamweaver (with the InstanceBeginEditable in the html), so I don't know if there's anyway in dreamweaver to tell it to use shortcuts or not. I just started using it, so I don't think so, but don't know for sure.

For branding, would you consider making the main page image slightly smaller and the "Simba" logo a bit bigger - not much, but maybe a little would make the company name stand out a bit more. I also agree that the footer looks like it has too much height relative to the page.

The gradient background is a very nice effect as is your banner. I hope this helps somewhat!