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Had a problem with my CCS Stylesheet, and layout in that the CCS tab buttons would not be visible in IE5

(IE5 would fallback to inline test links black in colour on a dark background) Sad

I have solved the problem by removing the position:relative from the CCS for the navbar (I think this means it defaults to static.)

That seems to have cured my problem, don't really know why???

I have only been working with CCS for about a couple of weeks and I am still learning... (this site is such a kewl resource) Cool
I would really appreciate if anyone has time to look at the site and or the CCS and see if they can see anything else silly...

I have left the offending lines commented out... so if you wanna look at the style sheets feel free... <-- (this one is as was.)

BTW I have also employed style switcher.JS that I obtained from

THANKS TO TONY for his initial advice re: commenting out parts of script ... have not done that since i can't remember... Laughing out loud