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This is a long shot but have any of you worked with the Virtuemart extension for Joomla?
My problem is styling the product catalog menu, I know how I would style it if it were outside this site but in here the existing joomla css (template_css.css) is in incredible chaos for me, I'm sure it's valid code created with reason but I'm lost amongst infinite classes related to each other and what I belive to be CSS hacks, I tried writing the code from 0 but if I take out some styles menu links are no longer usable, as in they have the hover link effect but act rather like text...

I don't expect anyone to be mad enough to undertake styling the menu for me, if any of you used Virtuemart before I could use some of your experience in the form of tips..

here's my site http://www.brothers.ro/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid= the menu is under "Produse" , I'm currently uploading stuff so if it acts funny I apologies.

To give some insight the menu isn't made from <li>'s it's a series of links written there by the PHP, formatting all the a elements won't do because I have normal links in my site wich shouldn't look like the menu.

Feel free to scan through the CSS you'll notice what I mean with chaos...

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Gravesent wrote:My problem

Gravesent wrote:
My problem is styling the product catalog menu

OK, we know which bit's the problem, but you haven't described the nature of the problem or which browsers it affects.

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