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hello Smile

i'm working on this site for a friend i thought i was being really slick by avoiding tables but i've got myself even further confused, i'm still a css newbie... what i've learned is mainly due to messing around with firefox's editcss extension.

what i want to do, is have the whole thing flow all the way to the bottom with a footer. what i did at first was specify a height for the content column but then on pages like the order page, it goes way over 500px and looks awful. i thought specifying a height for all columns would work, but it doesn't.

here are my files:

thank you in advance. i'll be forever grateful for any help, my next gmail invite is yours. Smile

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column length issue

Hi cmarina,
I think you may have a clearing float problem- you need a something to force the container to expand around the floated centre column
These links will explain,



Basically you need to place a div after the centre content that has a height 0 line-height 0 which will force the container to expand but check the links there are new ways of dealing with this.


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