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I'm very new to CSS and I'm in the process of modifying some code from a template I'm using from I seem to be having problems with positioning in different browsers.

The page in question is at:

Firefox: Display area (Add a Store and the Search box) just below the menu shows up just fine except for the fact the button isn't aligned with the textbox.

IE 6: Search section is pushed over to the right but the button is aligned correctly next to the text box.

Here's the relevant CSS code. The complete code is at

.search_field { text-align: right; float: right; width: 640px; height: 38px; background: #464548 url(searchbg.gif) no-repeat top right; color: #000; clear:both; padding: 10px 10px 0 0; } .addstore { float: left; height: 33px; padding: 15px 0 0 15px; width: 292px; background: #6E6E6E url(newsletterbg.gif) no-repeat; color: #FFF; }

Any help is greatly appreciated.