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Erm where did that topic just go please. I get, and am now, highly vexed when having bothered to reply at length to a post I find that on submit that it no longer exists and that I have lost my reply and have wasted my time!!!!

Will people NOT delete posts without first running it by a moderator and letting them deal with it.


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Speaking of which...

Speaking of which...

I made the rookie mistake of clicking on "More information about formatting options" under the post-editing textarea, assuming that it was a pop-up. Needless to say, it is not, and I lost a pretty long post. I just thought you might want to turn that link into a proper pop-up because of its proximity to the textarea. Or, at the very least, use a "deprecated" target="_blank" on it.

Alternately, some brilliant storage solution to avoid losing posts in any of these situations would be nice... Presto makeitso.

Actually, I try to stay in the habit of copying any large piece of text to a separate doc or at least the clipboard before submitting a web form.