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This is a template for a medical non-profit.
(ignore the big picture of flowers. that is just a filler.)

It looks fine in IE 7, Netscape 8 and Firefox 1.5 on the PC (except the main navigation in FF aren't boldface but I can live with that.
If any of you with older browsers could look at it and let me know if the drop down menus and layers look OK I would much appreciate it.
This is a static image of what the page should look like-- http://www.svunet.org/images/test_page.jpg

The CSS and HTML validate but any suggestions for a better approach to this layout are appreciated

thank you

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Looks good in FF 2 as well,

Looks good in FF 2 as well, but I don't like the way the box on the right is bigger than the rest of the menu.

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  • CSS doesn't make pies