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Hi everyone.

I'm struggling with an inconsistency btw IE and firefox when rendering a right nav menu. It looks like firefox is not pushing the content in my right column all the way over to the right.

Here is the page:

..toggle btw IE and Firefox and you will see the difference. In practice, some text gets really close to the right nav (in firefox) and it just doesn't look good.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Use a proper doctype. html

Use a proper doctype. html - loose is tantamount to quirks mode.

You need to control both the margins and padding on elements to ensure browsers are using YOUR settings not their own. In this case, IE and FF use different mechanisms to give list containers their default left indent. IE uses margin and FF uses padding. You've then set your own padding value overriding the FF default and leaving IE to add its left indent to that padding value.