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Tom Tomasko
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I am having a difficult time solving a problem. Whenever I use :hover in a certain <div> the page shrinks in IE6. It is even more vexing because this only happens in the <div> with the main content, not the <div> that contains the navigator with links to the content. The page can be found at Click on source to see the code.

Briefy, I want to create a page that has a very long article. That article will have subheads, footnotes and end notes. From the navigator one can go to each subhead or back to the top of the page. The navigator itself is fixed and the content scrolls. I have made it so that this latter feature works in IE6.

The :hover makes the text bold so that one knows one is on a link. As I said before, the :hover works fine in the navigator, but when I try to go from a footnote citation to the end note or vice versa, the page begins to shrink. Try clicking on "Back to text" at the end of a foot note to see what happens

So how can a stop that?

Thanks for any help.