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I just rehauled and went pure tableless CSS, and trying my darnedest to adhere to web standards. So far, all CSS checks out, so says the w3c's validating service.

however, as you can tell, i'm having an issue with the main body, and how the #table wrapper i spell out in my CSS (http://www.dlvd.net/css_new.css) seems to end with the collapsible sidemenu on the right. I wish for it to end with the main #post div, and then add a footer on the end (which i've yet to do), but i'm stumped on how to do it. Fixing the position of #table to absolute takes care of it, sort of, but it looks sort of unsightly looking as if it were cut off at the very bottom of my window? Do you all have any advice on how to fix this? outside of making a min-height property on #table about 3000px? This would be very appreciated.

Oh, and if anyone has any advice on how to take care of the little gap in the list items in the #navcontainer, #navlist areas within H2 (which you can see more clearly if you roll over "Pictures" and "FAQ" with your mouse), i'd appreciate it as well.

thanks for any help. I can do TCL-TK with little problem, but i get caught up over CSS :?

oh, and should I say, i'm coding this using Mozilla Firefox 0.9 as a litmus (though Opera wouldn't be a bad litmus at all either). If it looks fine in IE is neither here nor there (though for the moment it's perfect in IE, :?, it's the effect i want in Mozilla {and I can take care of the double border at the bottom from the #post div no problem}), as you could probably gather from the greeting IE users get when venturing to the site

EDIT: ah, i figured it out, nevermind.

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hi folks, can you help me out?

Hi steve,
Glad you sorted it out.