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Hello -

I am somewhat new to CSS for page layout and I was wondering if this can be done:

I have a footer DIV that contains my footer graphic and also has 100% width to to fill the browser window when enlarged. Between the footer and header I have content. Is there a way for the content to push that footer DIV down as it fills with more or less content. Sort of like if the content was in one TR and the footer on the next TR. The content cell would get bigger as more content is laid in and push the footer down.

Perhaps there is way to tell a DIV to do something only on a certain page so it does affect all the other pages that DIV is used on.

Can this be done? Did this make sense at all?

Thanks in advance!

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"pushing" layer down as more content fills the pag

If the footer follows the content and either has no position specified or is relative it should push down underneath the expanding content you just need to pay attention to layout flow.

To give a div particular rules on different pages just create a specific div id as in #div1 and #div2 each with their own declarations then apply whichever one you need to the div <div id="div1"> remembering that an id is unique and can only be used once ; if you want to repeat certain rules on a page use .class


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