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I'm working on a dynamic page and using div and span instead of tables. The problem is that I have one div ("row") with two span ("columns") Sometimes the left column will be longer in height, and sometimes the right will be longer. I want a border between the two columns that stretches for the entire length, however the spans don't stretch to 100% height of the div. I need this to work in IE (at least IE6, better if 5 also).

Can I do this or do I have to use tables? Sad


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Using Div and Span Instead of table

If the columns have a set width, then you could use a background image in the DIV... 'bout the best I can think of at the mo, sorry!

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Using Div and Span Instead of table

I figured it out! I had one <div> with two <span style="height: 100%"> tags inside. All I had to do was give the outside <div> tag a height and then the <span> tags expanded to 100%