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Anyone have a CSS hack to allow link text to display the same size in Firebird and IE6.

My blog http//cranialcavity.net has a sidebar that diplays a link list, it displays correctly in IE6 but in Firebird it is approx. one half the correct size.

Here is the code in use

#menu ul ul {
	list-style-type none;
	margin 0;
	padding 0;
	text-align left;

#menu ul ul li {
	letter-spacing 0;
	margin 0;
	padding-left 10px;
	font 60% Tahoma, Arial, Serif;

#menu ul ul li a {
	color #ffbf00;
	text-decoration none;

#menu ul ul li ahover {
	color #ff7f00;

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Firebird vs IE6 text link text size

Not really a hack, but I wouldn't use percentages at all to define text size.

I think there's a problem with PX as well, so either use PT or em or something like that.

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