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I'm in the process of implementing meta tags on my site and thought I'd look into the latest and greatest. My search turned up an article that proclaims, in a nutshell, that meta tags are pointless these days.

...every major search engine has adopted this policy of ignoring the meta keywords and description tags.

In summary, don’t bother using them.

Thoughts, anyone?

I'm tempted to agree, as I haven't had meta tags in my pages for years and searches for 'PlanetJK' at Google, Yahoo, and Dogpile point right to my page. But what if I want my page about the long-lost art of Macaroni Glueing to appear when someone searches for "pasta paste art" (for example).


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Are Meta Tags Old Hat?

Yes - I have read that all the search engines (except perhaps Inktomi) will ignore meta tags due to the keyword stuffing abuse practices of yesteryear. I still leave in the keywords and description meta tags however. This is my personal opinion but I would hope that there is something in the algorithm that gives a tick of approval if the keywords in your meta tags mirror those found in the title tag, header tags and sprinkled throughout the content. Also, you never know when meta tags will become 'legit' again in the eyes of the search engines...

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Are Meta Tags Old Hat?

A list of the uses of meta tags can be found here:

Another little known reason to use meta tags is to claim copyright:
<meta name="copyright" content="Copyright 2004. Tech Nossomy. All rights reserved worldwide.">

or - more widely used - identify the person in the company who is responsible for the content:
<meta name="author" content="E. Kspurt">