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Hi all ok I have created a new toolbar thats CSS based with rollover, for a project that I am working on - I have got it to work on most browsers that I have on win2000 - Browsers that I have tested on and seem to be working are.
Opera 5.11
Netscape Communicator 4.7 (downgrades to an list)
IE 6.0
Mozilla Firebird 0.7
Mozilla 1.4

I have had a quick look on opera 7.51 - and it doesn't display anything... any suggestions to get it to display would be great.

I also would love any Mac users out there to please test it as I don't have access to a mac to run tests.

Here is the URL

Michael Walker

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Site check - CSS rollover menue - specially any Mac users

Hi MikeeSpikee,
In Firefox 0.9 the images took a long time to show, I only saw the text till after I had viewed the source, then the menu displayed.
Also the rollover isn't working in firefox.

Hope that helps

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Site check - CSS rollover menue - specially any Mac users

Yes, the images didn't load properly for me either on a Win XP box using Mozilla 1.5. Add a correct doctype to the page and then validate. At the moment you are running in quirks mode. I had to force it through the validator and it picked up quite a few errors including a p tag that wasn't closed properly.

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