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between a green and a blue house that has a garden gnome out front
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between a green and a blue house that has a garden gnome out front
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Well, earlier i was posting under the "layout" section of this forum about this page, now i think im ready to show off what i believe is to be the third version of this web page:


Purpose: i designed this site for a friend. He said he wanted it clean cut and simple, so thats how ive tried to make it.

Objective: to design a site as simple as possible with as little DIV or tables as possible.

Features: This site was designed using the "Dynamic AJAX Content" script from the Dynamic Drive web page in order to try to save on reload time and page switching time.

Notes: only three pages are functional at the moment (Home, Links, and Documents) so i can show off some of my CSS Scripting.

...IM still rrefining my skills as a designer, so what i need is feedback. Questions. Comments. Anything you like or dislike about it? Go at it.

One of my biggest concerns is universal readability. I know this may not be as compatable for some people at certain resolutions (such as 800pxx600px) than others, but thats what im trying to fix. Or maybe, for this kind of template, its best that i didn't fix it.

Thankyou in advance.

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I made a couple of comments

I made a couple of comments in your other thread, but testing again:

  1. In FF, none of the links open from http://legacyweapon.irc.su/ I have to open the frame in a new tab before they work.
  2. In FF, your links extend past the edge of the window producing a horizontal scrollbar (links 4-6 appear to the right of links 1-3).
  3. In FF, your documents page is also slightly too wide.
  4. In IE6, your layout looks all out of whack with everything squashed over to the right. You've also got a problem with your graphic cos you've used 32-bit instead of 24-bit PNGs.

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