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Roger Johansson discusses MSFT's changes in rendering html email. Outlook will use MSWord's html rendering engine rather than IE7's. HTML email authors will be pretty well stuck with table layouts, as Word doesn't support position or float among its many shortcomings. Goodbye accessible and standards compliant html email.

As a recipient, I don't care because I don't look at html email. As a sender, I don't care because all my email is sent as plain text. But, and it's a big but, a number of us author html email for our clients. MSFT has once again proven their loathing for the web developer.



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I think it's a case of one

I think it's a case of one product development team not talking to another. Chris Wilson on the Internet Explorer team is obviously pushing a different agenda, I mean he's gonna be the chair of the new W3C HTML Working Group.

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Not going to dignify any of

Not going to dignify any of this with intelligent reasoned comment ! they're all a bunch of ********

And as for anyone from MS chairing anything to do with Standards on the W3C that just makes me want to cry, or laugh not sure which, but then as much as I believe in the conceptual nature of a common standard and development, The reality is that it is always going to a slow and painful path and one that ultimately can never be reached, especially when 'Standards are only ever playing catch up to development.

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I think that highlights that

I think that highlights that Microsoft doesn't see any value in pushing development of Outlook any further/faster than absolutely necessary. Outlook and office are probably on the wane. This is just one of the early nails in the coffin.