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Wonder if anyone can help.

I have a problem that appears when viewing a page in IE7/WinXP where the DPI settings are set to 120 DPI, not 96 DPI.
You can see the page in question at

If you take a look at the screengrab you can see how it looks on IE7/WinXP - there's a thin white line in between the two horizontal bars, and the white line cuts the drop-shadow on the right of the screen. You can see this more clearly at

Now, if I change my DPI settings to 96 DPI, the problem disappears on IE7, it just goes away. I have read about how IE7 uses the DPI settings, I vaguely understand the problem, but I cannot work out how to fix this.

The horizontal bars need to remain where they are, i.e. cannot be moved physically up or down; I am using relative measurements throughout apart from the body font size.

If I set the body font size to a relative measurement, e.g. "font-size: 0.875em", the problem goes away in IE7 (yes, it goes away completely) - BUT - Opera has a different default font size, so the solution breaks in Opera - see screengrab

So, anyone got any solutions?
Thanks, R