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Hi to all.
I'm testing my work on the following browsers for windows:
IE6, IE5.5, IE5, NS7.1, MZ1.6, MZ Firefox 0.8, OP7.

I have a different behavior in absolute positioning of an element only for NS7 and OP7 (both the same behavior), while all the others works great.

The code is too hard to be posted (nested relative positioned divs, with an element inside that have to be positioned as absolute), i'd prefer to find some css hacks to change the left parameter just for those browsers. But, as far as i can see, all existing hacks consider MOZ and NS7 as the same thing! Instead, I've to write a different left value for the two.

The same for OP7: is there any hack to filter it without affecting all MOZ browsers, who works correctly?

Thanx for advance