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I don't really make websites and am totally new to this whole stylesheet thing, but I'm doing this one as a favor:
Click on either Commercial, Residential, or Misc, look at the thumbnails across the top of the "main" div. I adapted an amazing image gallery javascript from Jeremy Keith to display images for this guy's website (yes, proper credit will be given in the finished product), but my question is the following:
why are the margins between the thumbnails completely inconsistent in Firefox? They display perfect and even in Safari and the last version of IE for Mac. Also, is everything properly tagged to center the way it should? It seems to work, but am I doing it right?
Like I said, I'm new at this, so general suggestions and criticism about the script and layout in general are strongly encouraged as well.
thanks guys,

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Display problem in FireFox

Hi ouzelum,
Firefox 0.9 on win looks fine.