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Is there an 'established' order in which order classes/ids/etc should appear in your CSS document?

I've been considering organizing in alphabetical order by element selected (ie, #nav li.submenu would be listed under li) which would make it easiest for someone reviewing the CSS to look for that particular element... on the other hand, should #nav and everything underneath that (#nav a:hover...) be next to #nav, so that all nav selectors are close to each other...

is there a web standard?


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code formatting in CSS doc

Not an expert... but I don't believe there is a "standard"?
I've read varying ideas...
1. put all your normal html tags first... p, h1 h2 etc etc
2. group by categories... text, colors, backgrounds
3. group by selectors... #nav then everything that corresponds to #nav
and the list goes on and on...

personally I like to group as the page is layed out...for example


that works best for me...
I would say do whatever works for you... but comment the code in case someone else should have to follow your work

just my .02

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code formatting in CSS doc

I would agree with grouping everything according to how it is layed out on the page. As there is no "requirement" for how you lay things out, you need to keep in mind that if you change something too early in your CSS, it will be inherited by everything from that point on. I like to be very specific with my classes and id's, and I do like to try to keep all classes under the specific tag you are modifying, or you can come up with some rather interesting outcomes Wink

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