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Hello all;
first-time poster.
I stumbled onto a problem/bug that perhaps someone can rationalize/explain for me as to why it's happening.

Summary: (happens in ie6 ... not checked yet in other versions)
when setting the margin (of the 'left' div anchors) so that the margin is positioned to the bottom of the anchors there is a strange behaviour/bug when hovering the mouse over the links - "margin:0 0 1em;"

but ... when margin is removed from the bottom of the anchors and is instead applied to the top of the anchors then the behaviour/bug is non-existent - "margin:1em 0 0;"

complete HTML file with css is attached.

I have checked that the CSS and HTML validates and have also tried with 'strict' and 'transitional' doctypes.

Here's the relative code:

#left a:link, #left a:visited, #left a:hover, #left a:active{ margin:1em 0 0; width:100%; height:2em; display:block; background:#369; text-indent:10px; font:normal 700 1.2em/2em arial, sans-serif; text-decoration:none; border-top:2px solid #47a; border-bottom:2px solid #295989; border-left:2px solid #47a; border-right:2px solid #295989; }

Alternatively to downloading the .htm file I have uploaded the two variants to a personal site for viewing.

The two links are:

Thanks all

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