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When posting code in your thread can you please ensure that it is set in the correct tags for display,

This is for a two fold reason, first it helps anyone reading the code if it is formatted and highlighted for legibility and secondly certain html characters will be parsed so you cannot post naked html code '<' will be rendered as though a web page so you need to escape these opening angle brackets using & lt ; (close spaces) however it is far better when posting a full amount of html to enclose it between <code></code> tags

If posting CSS you may use the bbcode tags you may also use bbcode tags for formatting other aspects of your posts, instructions for using these tags are to be found directly below the text input box for posts.

Finally please check (Preview button) your post before submitting it to ensure all is as it should be.

It can become a chore for Mods to have to edit posts to correct these oversights Smile


Before you make your first post it is vital that you READ THE POSTING GUIDELINES!
Please post ALL your code - both CSS & HTML - in [code] tags
Please validate and ensure you have included a full Doctype before posting.
Why validate? Read Me