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Ok I think I have finished and I have validated.

I was hoping some of you gurus would check me out to see if I made any major errors.

This is a dynamic php driven xhtml css template for joomla.

the idea is to use off the wall color but still maintain some usability.

let me have it.

also for the 33% module positions is there any way to get rid of the small left over margin?


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This: <?xml version="1.0"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

is the wrong place. It should come before everything else but as to do so would put IE into quirks mode, you're better leaving it out altogether.

Also, you seem to be overdoing the divs particularly the areas that have three nested divs before any content.

And you probably don't need a height on #navbar as when you increase the text size, the navbar doesn't increase with it. Use overflow: hidden to contain the floats in FF and others or use a height in ems so that the height will increase in proportion with the text.

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I see The first two parts

I see

The first two parts to your reply are artifacts of Joomla templates I learned from. The default templates contain the xml statement.

The nested divs are part of a module parameter that allows for rounded corners if needed and is the only tabless parameter available.

I am not sure I understand the last statement. I am not very familiar with ems.


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EMs are a relative size

EMs are a relative size computed from the font-size or more precisely the size/height of the capital 'M' at whatever font-size you have set, so increasing the font-size of text should cause that height described in ems to recalculate itself according to the new font-size thus increasing or decreasing.


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Always nice to see examples

Always nice to see examples of what not to do! Educational layout-garden, and does validate.