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Ok so my designer hands me a layout to code out for a site and to make this simple i needed 2 repeating background images. both starting in the middle of the page and expanding to the left and the other to the right. Cant do it w/ repeating background images, so we got it to work w/ a stretchable divs. In the end we're reading to hand it off to the client to view and we notice a glitch. If i set a div at lets say 100% wide it becomes the full width of the browser window. If you then scroll to the right, maybe for some strange reason there is content over there, the 100% wide div does not expande like a repeating background image. So you could stretch your browser across 3 monitors (not that there would be a reason to)and the div would always be that wide, but once you need to scroll horizontally it will not continue taking up the full width of the page. A Very rare situation. Im assuming that this will happen in any browser

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I'm not really sure if

I'm not really sure if there's a question in all that, but it sounds to me that what you view as an oddity is what should happen. If you set an element to be 100%, it'll fill 100% of the window, but if anything in the layout has a fixed width wider than the window, it'll stretch off past the edge of the window (because essentially it is wider than 100%), but the element that is set at 100% won't.

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