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on the screenshot above you can all see what my problem exactely is. I have a

with some list items in it, to create a menu.

As you can see on the far right, in firefox 1.5 and 2.0 , all is fine.
In IE7, seems like the green bar (you can view this on seems to be ignored.
In IE6, the menu is positioned even on another place (center of screenshot)

Does anyone have an idea what can be done to solve this issue? and have the menu positioned as it is in firefox (far right in screenshot = good)

my CSS is

the CSS of the menu is:

#menu ul { padding: 0px; margin:0px; list-style-type:none}

#nav { position: relative; margin:0 0 10px 0;background:#18CF7D; background: url( repeat-y;}
#nav ul { margin:0;color:#00A390;padding:5;list-style-type:none;border:1px solid #fff;}
#nav li { margin:0;color:#000; padding:0; border:1px; solid #ffffff; font:bold 18px Arial, sans-serif}

#nav a { color:#fff;display:block;padding:4px 0px;text-decoration:none;font:bold 18px Arial, sans-serif;background: url( no-repeat right center;text-transform:lowercase;width:97%}
/* Hide next rule from IE5 on Mac \*/
#nav a { float:none}
/* End of IE5 for Mac hack */
#nav a:hover { color:#008647;display:block;background:#BDC1C0;background: url( no-repeat right center}

the HTML is:

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