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Hey there,

I guess I have been posting here for over a year. Somewhere in the 150 count post range.

I finally got the mother of all CSS tests - well, atleast in my book. A multipage application form for which my last set of posts stemmed.

It was grueling. For anyone who has read my pasts posts - I just hadn't been able to grasp CSS to use it as a proficient tool.

With this past project - and a lot of your help - Hugo, Tyssen, and others, it finally began to click. All the silliness I asked about repeatedly.

There are still a million things I don't understand. But I finally don't feel like a dolt. And the things I do are beginning to work the first time in multiple browsers.

So I just wanted to thank everyone here that has patiently helped - you all are great and represent the best of what the internet is about.

Have a great and safe holiday.


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Tiger; What a terrific post

Tiger; What a terrific post as an advertisement for the quality of this site. The help I've received here is second to none not to mention the personalities that frequent this forum. Thanks for saying something that I should have said long ago.
Hope you don't mind my hijacking this for my own little "thank you" to this forum.

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I was like you guys when I

I was like you guys when I first started posting on this forum and I learnt from the gurus that were already here. Now I'm passing that knowledge on to other people who will hopefully pass it on to others in turn.

How to get help
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Yep a multi page application

Yep a multi page application form will pretty much do as a test of ones CSS skills. Smile

It is a gradual process learning and understanding CSS as it's deceptively easy but it's true depth is what makes it so powerful but also awkward at times, it hasn't yet reached anywhere near it's perfected state and browser slowness or reticence to keep up with revisions doesn't help matters.

One day though that epiphany occurs and one realises a comfort level of understanding, it just requires a little faith to get there and I'm glad you have.

Understand though that we all have a million things still to understand. I feel so far from a true master because I aint and don't want to be otherwise I'll rest on my laurals and stop learning.

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Hugo wrote:Yep a multi page

Hugo wrote:
Yep a multi page application form will pretty much do as a test of ones CSS skills. Smile

I've been recoding an ASP helpdesk system we use at work to output semantic structural markup . . . it's been fun Laughing out loud

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