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I've looked and looked for an answer to this but can't seem to find anything, can anyone help?

I have a background image that I want to repeat over 100% of the width of the page, using the following code it works fine in Firefox, Safari but in IE 6 it leaves a gap at the right hand side of the page -

.menustripe{ background-image: url(images/stripe_brown.gif); background-repeat: repeat-x; z-index: 5; position: absolute; width: 100%; height:20px; top: 120px; left: 0px; opacity: 0.8; filter:alpha(opacity=80); /* IE patch */ }

So I added width: 100% to the body css, which now makes the image fit across the page OK but now I have scroll bars along the bottom which I don't really want. Any way round this or other ways of getting the image to do 100% width?

Many thanks,

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"Good afternoon Mr.

"Good afternoon Mr. Mechanic, here's my steering wheel.

Can you explain why my left indicator isn't working?"

The rest of the CSS and HTML would be just peachy, don't you think?

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