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Okay, I'm in a bit of a jam as I use a mac book and browse with FF. Site looks great in FF (sigh, of course it does)However, at work where I use the wonderful world of windows, using IE it does the usual IE thing (all messed up)

My problem is, the last version of IE for mac is 5 and for some reason it doesn't work on my macbook (intel), so I'm unable to update and test for IE realtime and I really don't want to leave it to look at every next day at work...then come home with notes and then wait till my next windows session.

My question: How can I test and see what the result is when I can't use IE on my macbook. Even the IE tabs for FF dont work on mac I believe?

If anyone else has had this issue, and has a solution, please let me know so I can get back to work and start making the site cross browser safe.

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I'd recommend using

I'd recommend using www.browsercam.com - you can test Mac, Windows and Linux browsers.

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