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This is my first design in css/xhtml and with tableless layouts. There are a few things i could fix or add but this took a while and worked out pretty good. Once i started using css and div tags i was amazed at the flexiblity and how easily static postioning worked.


I may use this for a design portfolio site. If it has porblems for you you can so so. If it's graphics maybe a screenshot would help. Otherwise it's because i don't have good graphic editors Smile

Well thanks for looking

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You don't need to specify

You don't need to specify position: static on everything - they already are static unless you've set them to something else.

Also, if you add your font-family declaration to the body, you don't need to then specify it for every other element.

font-weight: inherit is not really required either.

And for backgrounds, you can use this shorthand:

background: rgb(51, 51, 51) url(titlebg.bmp) repeat-x left center;

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