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Hi gang,

I am working on a website that is 95% complete - but I am running into one bug. The CSS code that allows the thumbnails to have an information balloon pop-up is not working on Fire Fox or Safari. I have tried everything to the best of my knowledge - but I believe it needs an expert at this point. Any suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

The site is http://www.TROUBLEsince1976.com and the CSS file can be found at http://www.TROUBLEsince1976.com/balloons.css

The clothing thumbnails on the homepage will give you an example of what is happening. Basically - the column that the thumbnail appears in expands beyond its 125 pixel constraint and blows everything to the right. How it looks in IE is how it should look in Fire Fox and Safari as well.

Thanks for your time.

Aloha, Ka'o

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XML Prolog

The XML prolog is throwing IE into Quirks Mode, which is why you think it's displaying your site correctly.

Test in FF first, not IE.

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  • CSS doesn't make pies

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Try a validator

try using an xhtml transitional validator to check your code, that helped me when it came to FF!