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hi all,

I'm all about researching various forums to fix my own problems, but this time I'm completely stuck and lost all hope. I will try to be brief.

Have a look at this test site in IE6:


In my case, the result is that the left column is positioned all the way to the right, forcing me to scroll horizontally to the right to see it. However, when I hover over a link in that column, or when I resize the window, all of a sudden everything snaps into the correct place.

The layout is based on a 3 column-layout called "The holy grail" described in this article:


Basically this concerns a 3-column layout with column 1 being fixed with, column 2 liquid and column 3 again fixed width. After the columns follows a full width footer. The layout uses negative margins to switch columns.

I did make some modifications, but none that I would think are the cause of my problem. The CSS of my test site can be found here:


I did some research on the problem, and it seems to be going into the direction of the Peekabo bug. However, none of the supplied fixes work for me, unless I am applying them incorrectly. The same goes for the Holly hack, it does not work for me either. I'm thinking I'm perhaps facing a combination of bugs, one that seems to be hard to find and squash.

I only just discovered this forum, love it already, and am hoping that perhaps someone more proficient than me can have a look at this. Many thanks in advance for any help.

PS: the CSS itself seems to be valid. The HTML has some unrelated(?) problems concerning the use of the & character in the dynamically generated URLs in the news section.

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