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here is an entry page i'm working on for a client. it's got javascript rollovers etc, which was built in ImageReady.
what i'd be interested to know from you guys, is can i rebuild this [or more to the point] do i gain anything [compatibility/speed] sans tables?
and your opinions on whether i should centre this vertically as well as horizontally on the screen? if yes to the vertical - how do i do it?

feel free to take a look at the code too and offer any advice on best practices etc.
this whole css thing is still relatively new to me.
many thanks...


oh, and let me know if it's slow loading seeing as this all this stuff going on...[/url]

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Can [or should] I rebuild this without tables etc???

Yes, absolutely certainly definitely, you can produce that design without tables. If your starting out with the CSS thing, then it'll be a bit tough, but worth it since, it'll slash that table code right down.

In your favour is the fact that the design is fixed-width, so specifying the container elements won't be difficult. Essentially, your design consists of three areas, left, centre, and right; all contained in the main box. I would envisage this as being one main div with three divs within. These three divs can be floated to appear to work as three columns (as you have at present).

Concerning the vertical alignment. this is generally tricky, so for now, I would just give the container div a top set margin to stick to. As for horizontal alignment, that's simple enough. You would use left and right margins set to auto on the same container div.


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Can [or should] I rebuild this without tables etc???

Hi o0ber_go0ber,

I have to agree with co2, that page could really benefit from CSS. I didn't look too closely at the code, I just glanced over, but I did notice a lot of repeated elements like your borders, colspans, rowspans, etc. With the CSS you can take all of them out permanently and/or put them in the CSS file. I would think your code would be reduced by a little more than half if you do what co2 suggests with the 3 divs and all.

What I really want to say, though, is WOW! Nice Design, I really like it!

About the vertical centering, I don't feel it needs it or would benefit from it. I "feels" right aligned to the top as it is...