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Hi Everyone,

I am currently building a site which requires the use of DIVs due to accessibility constraints. So far I have built a standard page:

Page Container DIV (plus clearfix hack/class to improve float clearing*)
- Header DIV
- Left Content DIV (float: left)
- Right Content DIV (suitable margin-left space)
End of Page Container DIV

Footer DIV (clear: both)

*= http://www.positioniseverything.net/easyclearing.html

This layout works brilliantly in all major browsers except Safari 1.2 where my footer sits behind and in the middle of any long content tract in the Right Content DIV.

My head is spinning with forum discussions of Safari 1.2's min-height problem and how this could relate to footer positioning and I am fed up with applying CSS hack upon CSS hack. Honestly there must be a better way.

Any help or advice on this will be gratefully received.

Many thanks,


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Safari 1.2 CSS Footer Problem

Hi Gavin,
Can you post a link to your site.

Check that all elements are closed correctly and that the html validates.