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Ok, i developed this on a mac and i know it works on there, its a bit suspect on FF for mac and i dont know why. Its looks good in IE windows, but it doesnt centre when you resize the page! but it will recenter it, when you hit the refresh button. If anyone has any light on these, that would be great thanks


edit/moved to appropriate forum. site check is for completed sites./Tri

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I see you wernt really after

I see you wernt really after a design check, but the header image (not too sure what it sais) is 451px x 68px, but in the html page it is set to 400px x 60px this distorting it slightly, which makes a fairly hard to ready image even more difficult,

to solv this just resize the image to 400px x 60px, of course this may be intentional and am sorry if so.