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If this is not too much of a problem.

Is there any way to show an Underline under a certain character but only one character in a button field, ie.

<input type="button" ... etc.>

I want to get this effect:
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like you see on a navigation menu, when you hit the alt key. I was just thinking a button would be the easies way to mirror the standard windows menu, and I can dynamically change the borders on mouseover.

Any input would be appreciated, but this isn't a terrible thing if it can't be done (would be coool though if you could do this or insert an image for example)


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formatting inside buttons

first-letter is a css pseudo element which allows you to style the first letter of text in a container.

-- css --
div.navigation {
color: #000;

div.navigation:first-letter {
text-decoration: underline;

-- html --
<div class="navigation">Aber</div>
<div class="navigation">Deen</div>

The example above would look like this:

First letter underlining doesn't seem to work with input buttons so you might have to use different elements as your "UI buttons".