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Hi ,


I am new to the forum and new to web design. This is my first site, its not completey finished yet - but the structure is done - just the content to fill.
I would appreciate any feedback people have as I am teaching myself from tutorials on the net ....


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You're certainly on the way,

You're certainly on the way, the next thing to do is fix the HTML so it's semantic and structural.

Leave the CSS the same, you'll just be applying it to different elements.

A good test for CSS sites is to open them in Firefox, then view the pages with Styles disabled.

I have done this with yours and, while useable, could be better.

Why not apply the styles directly to the body tag?

small fish big sea

would be MUCH better as:

small fish big sea

Much less code, and MUCH more page weight with search engines.

Have a crack at redoing the HTML, let us know how you get on.

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