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IE7 is 10 years behind the standards or wrong.
But it works in IE!
IE is a cancer on the web -- Paul Thurott

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That depends if IE7 stops

That depends if IE7 stops the flight to FF and Opera.

If you remember back in the nineties, when wars were wars. M$ managed to bring out quite a few versions in quite a short period of time - and each a considerable improvement on the last.


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it's official, i'm convinced

it's official, i'm convinced that M$ has a vendetta against xhtml. why? i have no friggin' clue, but i'm absolutely convinced.

"'We don't want to do a half-formed job' of XHTML support, Wilson said. He did note that Microsoft is testing a parser and experimenting with integrating multiple schema, however."

why start now??? while this is a noble statement, it's ludicrous given the past that IE has seen... shody css, obviously, and strange half-baked xml support have been par for the course for a long time. in my estimation, IE7 is still a "half-formed job" and shouldn't have been pushed out the door so fast that they neglected to develop an XML parsing engine.

this is why i've slowly been developing www.vivalaxhtml.com - it's nowhere near where i want it to be, and i still have to tweak the shades (i would say colors, but it's just black and gray...) since it blends too much on low-contrast monitors... but it will be a center of exchanging ideas on xhtml, serving the .xhtml extension, serving xhtml as xml on the server's side, and other, less drastic means of pushing for widespread adoption of the standard.

The technology is three months old. Only suckers buy out of date machines. You're not a sucker, are you sir? Because if you were I'd have to ask you to leave the store.