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sorry for my english...
I have a problem although I read docs about

page-break-after, page-break-before, page-break-inside

I have IE6.

I have tried every those things but I can't print a whole table on the page. If there is text before the table and table begins at the end of page, the break-page is made on the middle of the table although I 'd like that if the whole table is on the page => not to do break-page else => make it before <table>

normally, I must put in :
style="page-break-inside : avoid;"
but doesn't work.

If I put in
page-break-before(or after) : always;
in <tr>
a break page is inserted before (or after)<tr> and it works.

So I have tried to put:
style="page-break-before : avoid;"
in all <tr>
of my table and it is also cut before a <tr>

Thanks for your help
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