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here's how I approached scaling the body element to at least a viewport size (i.e., when not much content, take up at least a viewport's worth, else scale to more):

html { height: 100%; } /* Gecko seems to need it for below... */
body { height: 100%; } /* for IE and other stupid browsers ... */
body[id="dummy"] { height: auto; min-height: 100%; } /* for Gecko */

Now, the thing is, that while it will scale the body element in this case (if it's assigned a dummy id appropriately named "dummy"), but should I place a DIV element inside it, assuming it would scale to take up 100% height of the SCALED body, it seems to not wish to inherit the height, instead it looks at the fact that the parent (such is the case in Mozilla and other Gecko derived agents) has its height set to auto, so it sets the DIV's height to auto as well. I rather want it to inherit the value of the calculated height, in case of Mozilla dictated by the min-height rule of the parent. What can I do?

Compatibility includes Opera 6, Mozilla 1.0, IE 5.0

Thanks for your help.