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Hi There,

I'm amazed by the proficiency of the people on this forum. I would appreciate your critique on something I've developed which uses css and javascript. The application makes a tabbed interface identical to a properties window in Windows 200 or XP. Here is the link:


I realize IT LOOKS DRAB, that's by design. My programming for the next two years is going to focus on making browser applications that look and behave like desktop applications. REASON: people have seen this 1000 times and know what the tabs mean.

If this interests anyone, I'd be happy to put my tabbed-menu generator online -- youjust enter the name of the tabs, and the page code is created.


1. The tabs are actually stored in complex tables -- I hate that. Like this:

 <div id="help20tabs_i_conceptidx" style="border-bottom:1px solid white;<?php echo cg('ib','help20tabs','conceptidx');?>" onClick="hl_1('help20tabs',help20tabs,'conceptidx');"> 
	<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
		 <td class="bul_"><img src="/images/b/uli.gif"></td>
		 <td class="bt_"></td>
		 <td class="bur_"><img src="/images/b/uri.gif"></td>
		 <td class="bl_"></td>
		 <td class="bc_" nowrap>Concept Index</td>
		 <td class="br_"></td>

-- that's a lot of HTML to get that effect -- but it mirrors it exactly!!

2. If you know javascript, take a look at function hl_1() -- any critiques on the order the divs are displayed and hidden?


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tabbed interface, not bad for a rookie

I think there would be quite a few interested, especially some that may want various bits of information on one page.

Some problems -

1) In NN7.1 and Moz FF 0.8 the tabs do not work, and there is a problem with part of the border.

2) In Opera 7.23, tabs work, but larger problem with a border.

3) In IE suggest that the default cursor be used when placing mouse over tab to trully reflect what you are trying to achieve.


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