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After a long time of trying and trying with this layout (please see the attachment) I just have 2 small issues left...

as you can see in the HTML file (attachment) the layout is good in IE, but not in FireFox.

the problem:
The container "SITE BOTTOM IMAGE" (blue) has to be inline! (inside the table)
(i'm sorry, i'm using on small table).
As you can see in FF, this container is below the table.

the second little problem (for IE and FF)
the container "BOTTOM IMG" (yellow brd) is not allign to te bottom because of the address container. How can I fix this? (i can't make the address container smaller..)

Does anyone has thé solution?? Wink

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maybe get rid of

maybe get rid of
position:fixed; on .test5

also on a side note:
you use clear:all; all isnt an option for clear attribute i think u mean clear:both;

When all
\/-rated Sites convert 'intensive' sites to CSS,
bandwidth on the internet will be cut down by 42%. )