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I have a page here:


The two left hand blocks ("Editorial" and "7 Day Spotlight") should be the same height. However, the bottom black border on each block are different sizes in IE and Firefox. Is there any way to get both table TD heights the same so the black borders don't expand in different browsers?

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Frankly, since you are doing

Frankly, since you are doing about everything wrong, you should be happy this is the only problem you are noticing.

Your xhtml has dozens of errors - CSS is *predicated* on *valid* html/xhtml and will only work properly with it. You can't expect any particular CSS rule to give any particular result if your xhtml isn't valid.

Also you are using multiple nested tables for your layout. This is an out of date, inacessible and fundamentally broken method. I suggest you read the "howto" forums and learn how to do it right. Basicly the present site needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.

Sorry if you feel I'm being harsh.

Ed Seedhouse

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