Markus Mielke has posted a long list of the changes made to IE7 on the IE7 Blog. There is a lot to get your head around so here is an overview with a couple of the highlights.

Most of the changes require IE7 to be in standards mode, so the site must have a valid standards compliant doctype.

  • Nearly all the IE bugs listed on Position is Everything have been fixed.

  • Hover works on all elements, great news for CSS menu's.

  • Min/max width and height is now supported.

  • Support for position:fixed has been added.

  • first-child, adjacent, attribute and child selectors have been added as well as the CSS3 attribute selectors: prefix, suffix, substring and sibling selectors.

Many more fixes, additions and changes.
Details on our CSS changes for IE7

Wow! That's a more

Wow! That's a more comprehensive list of improvements than I had seen anywhen else. Some of the critical css support issues seem to have been fixed. Many of the little PITA items that wreak havoc on otherwise simple layouts are described as fixed. If true in practice, this is a Good Thing.



Hmm, it's great but lets not

Hmm, it's great but lets not get carried away in our praise at their work in correcting faults. (sorry in one of my usual fugs correcting or trying to find workarounds for IE problems Smile )

I for one would love to know why they are unable to implement display:table?

I would be more interested in hearing how MS are going to ensure that their previous browser efforts are going to be neutralised so that we aren't in fact just adding to the list of browsers we have to hack for, and hack we will for IE7, I don't for one second believe it wont ship with all sorts of flaws that we are left to deal with; but maybe they have finally designed into IE a proper means of updating the rendering engine so that problems can be updated through patches? or am I being silly now?

If reading that blog entry take note of the second comment posted I've read many in a similar vein.


Keep in mind that although

Keep in mind that although IE7 is a MUCH better browser than IE6 and below, it's only a forced upgrade on XP users with SP2 installed.

You can also check your

You can also check your sites by getting a screen capture of your site on IE7 with this free web tool

Baffled developer

I read with excitement the line "Min/max width and height is now supported."
Having installed IE7 Release Candidate 1 on another machine and the standalone version found at (which works very well), I have found that the min-height declaration is not supported yet! It seems unlikely that this change will happen after RC! but i remain desperately hopeful.

On another note - everything i have read regarding the CSS changes for IE7 have stated that support for the " * html " declaration will be dropped. This was backed up by testing on the Beta versions. Great news for all those hacks to make things work in ie6. HOWEVER IE7-RC1,
in both the implementations I have available, does pick up * html. This means that all the fixes for ie6's numerous layout bugs are now read by IE7 - negating them fixing them in the first place.

Someone tell me I'm wrong... Please!!!

I've just updated my

I've just updated my Tredosoft install from Beta 2 to RC1 and it's not picking up anything with the * html hack.


Interesting. That would suggest that there is a corruption in my installation of ie7. However i have now tested it on 3 machines and using - - and get the same result. That being that the * html lines are being picked up.

* html are not picked up by

* html are not picked up by my standalone version or my installed version of ie7 rc1.
I also tested there :


One massive slicve of humble pie please!!!
I was in development phase and had a commented include line above my doctype - therefore causing ie7 to display in quirks mode.

I feel a right quirk!!

IE 7 final is out. It shows

IE 7 final is out.
It shows the same css problems as IE 7 RC1.