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I mostly lurk here and learn from you experts but necessity calls that I post yet again.

I think I may need a hack to fix an issue with one of my websites and for the life of me can't figure it out.

The site to Check is: http://www.mcmahongroup.com

The right hand side is a drop down box with a list of our clients.

FIREFOX it works perfect and you can read all the clubs as the menu expands.

INTERNET EXPLORER doesn't expand further thus cutting off the club names.

The code to look at is at themes/mcmahon/footer.php - and - themes/mcmahon/homestyle.php

What can you all suggest to the .css code to correct this problem so it is consistent in both browsers.

Your help is appreciated

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You can set a rule in your CSS that IE won't read (if you're forced to set a width for select).

/* read by all browsers, so IE sets a the 'right' width */
select.someclass {
    width: 300px;

/* not read by IE -- we're good now */
html>body select.someclass {
    width: 200px;