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Howdy y'all
Which browsers support FONT-WEIGHT with values of '600' and/or '700'? Is this a browser thing or I've also seen some people mention it depends on the font, and what weights it allows - is that true?

Thanks for any help on the matter! --bp
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Who Knows About FONT-WEIGHT compat issues?

Never really used it myself. It is true that you are at the mercy of the fonts available in each and every system. If you look at the main fonts; Arial, Verdana, Times etc. they only have a regular and bold weight within them. These are equivalent to 400 and 700.

Specify any other weight (such as 100 for very light and 900 for the boldest) and you will not see any variation (unless the font includes a light weight etc... which the universal system web font rarely (if at all) do).

The system reminds me of the dead-as-a-do-do Multiple-Master fonts, which scaled in weight in a similar fashion.

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