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Okay im trying to code this here http://howbizarro.org/PC/pc.html. Here's whats im having troubles with:

In IE: #content and #userbar (the blue bar thats in #content) are showing up below the last .innernav, and I would like them to be snug in that corner that the bg of #container makes with #links. And IE puts a huge amount of padding on my 's inside of inner nav even though i specify no padding

In FF:the bg of #container doesnt stretch to the bottom(probably something where I have to clear my floats tho).

In both: When I set the width on #content to 100% it thinks I want 100% of the viewport, and not of whats left in #container, is there any way to do this nicely?

And random question, do borders go on the outside and add to the set width, or do they go on the inside.

any help is appreciated THANKS! Smile

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Before you go any further,

Before you go any further, you may want to have a read up on divitis, classitis, and the use of semantic, structural markup.

It's great that you're using CSS-based design, you're just not using it to it's full potential.

The only tags you've used so far are the div, img and a. Where's all the heading tags? The lists?

There are two things I'd suggest you do before trying to fix these little problems.

1) Get some content in there. It's nearly impossible to style an empty site. www.lipsum.com contains a Lorum Ipsum generator, great for fake content.

2) Read my article on divitis. http://www.csscreator.com/divitis See if you can better use the millions of structural HTML elements available to you.


As for the border/width scenario, this is often to do with the Box Model. It's confusing, see if you can find a good example of it somewhere.

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