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My code does not show up when I preview my posts. I've used code with the square brackets and tried using the html code element and neither work. It just renders as HTML and I do not see an option to disable html.

What gives?

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I'm not at all in the know

I'm not at all in the know regarding the mechanism; that'll be Tony's realm. I have found a work around that has solved the issue a time or two. I don't know whether it's actually working, or just serendipity.

I have started escaping the "<", thus &lt;, of the top level elements. Escaping the opening and closing of the div works.

Not escaped

  <p>no escape</p>



Is there more to it? Probably, but that's all I've figured out. Smile



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kk5st wrote:I have started

kk5st wrote:
I have started escaping the "<", thus &lt;, of the top level elements. Escaping the opening and closing of the div works.

That's good to know - I've been replacing all < and > with &lt; and &gt;. But it's not really a workable solution is it? Particularly for most of the users of this forum who wouldn't know how to, or think to do that. I think it's something that needs to be addressed because people are going to have problems posting their code. There's been a few times where I've edited people's posts and sometimes just gone to the edit window to see what they actually typed.

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You only need to escape one

You only need to escape one brace, either the left ot the right. I always use the lt; code to escape the left one, it works!

You don't need to use it on paragraphs or lists, they'll show the code fine.

I PMed Tony a while back asking if there was a way to automatically change the braces (is that the right word?) to the equivalent, I guess it's on his list of things-to-do Laughing out loud

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